Our focus is on building relationships and providing targeted education to leaders across our industry.

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Photo Credit: Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario

Convention Centres of Canada (CCC) is the association for Canada’s Convention Centre Industry. Our Mission is to advance the profile, professionalism and business opportunities for member convention centres.

Canada’s Convention Centres act as a gathering place, in much the same way Convention Centres of Canada acts as a hub for CEOs and Senior Leaders from across the Industry. CCC events and programing focus on building relationships through shared common experiences, and providing targeted education to our sector.

CCC Member Centres deliver exceptional service to meetings, conventions, exhibitions and related events in venues from Coast-to-Coast. Canada’s Convention Centres are community hubs and centres of public economic generation.

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Photo Credit: St. John’s Convention Centre, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Canada’s Convention Centres act as community centres, and are as unique as the places they call home. From small local meetings, to city-wide conventions that welcome the world to Canada, there is a Centre to fit the needs of every event.

Many of our Centres house unique local art, are interconnected to all season pathways forming part of their Cities’ all season spaces and pedestrian infrastructure, and reflect the size and culture of their communities.

Unsurprisingly, Canada’s Largest Cities are home to our Largest Convention Centres; while mid-size and smaller cities and towns are home to Convention and Conference Centres with varying capacities.