Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Convention Centres Canada is led by volunteers from each of our member centres; the Board of Directors is comprised of the CEO (or designate) from each member centre, meetings are held in-person each year as part of the Annual Conference, and as-needed electronically to address critical issues or emerging trends; the Executive Committee is elected from among the members of the board, to include the CEOs of the next 2 Annual Conference Host Venues, as well the Chair, Past-Chair and additional members totaling 5 directors (where host venue representatives may occupy the Chair or Past-Chair role).

2019 Executive Committee Members:

Chair – Cathy Pugh, General Manager, Fredericton Convention Centre

Past-Chair – Nina Kressler, President & CEO, Shaw Centre Ottawa

Clark Grue, Calgary Telus Convention Centre

2019 Host Venue CEO designate – Suzanne Fougere, VP Experience & Engagement, Halifax Convention Centre

At-Large – Michelle Eagles, Operations Manager, St. John’s Convention Centre

Executive Director – Barry Smith (ex officio)