Economic Impact

As of 2016, our member convention centres offered over 3 million square feet of rentable function space of which 62% is exhibition space, 22% is meeting space and 16% is ballroom space.

Collectively our members hosted some 8,000 meetings, conventions, exhibitions and related events per year. Approximately 51% of these were meetings, 8% were conventions and conferences, 5% were trade or consumer shows and 36% were banquet, social or special events.

The overall revenues generated by events taking place in our centres each year is in excess of $255 million. Our members directly employed almost 3000 full and part time staff with a total payroll of over $93 million.

In addition to centre-based spending, venues also generate broad community economic benefits including hotel, restaurant and attraction related revenues as well as the supply of a vast range of services including technical, exhibit, entertainment, off-site venue, transportation and other related services. Collectively the broader economic impacts of all this activity were estimated to be in the order of $2.5 billion annually.

The economic impact of Canada’s Convention Centres grows year-over-year, the CCC continues to commission studies to help quantify our Industry’s impact.