Populous is a global design and architecture firm specializing in convention centres, sports facilities and other public assembly venues, as well as the planning and design of major special events. For over 35 years and with 3,000 built projects, Populous has designed and delivered some of the world’s most memorable civic, sports and entertainment buildings, from iconic stadia to ground-breaking live event venues.

Since 1999, Populous has worked with more than 50 convention centre clients across the world in the master planning and design of convention and exhibition facilities, from brand new buildings to transformative expansions and renovations. As the leaders and innovators in public assembly facility design, we understand that each convention centre is its own unique puzzle to solve, and we create strategies to maximize operational efficiencies while connecting guests with host cities in authentic ways. A cornerstone of our approach is the Imagine That Workshop, and since 2003 we have hosted industry leaders, meeting planners, facility operators and convention and visitor bureau staff to listen, learn and better understand how design can be a responsive solution to shifting trends in the marketplace.

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